Wednesday, August 09, 2006

I can't spell but i'm gorgeous

hey Kids,

I was looking at my pics form the last show and I should have put this one up before. I was half in the bag and I seemed to be melting into my neck...I need to do chin ups, LOL


  1. phoebe2:37 PM

    aw, don't sweat it margOH!, even the best have had their bad days...
    (and i'm talking about that thing on the left-hand side!) xxx

  2. Yes Phoebe,

    When I first saw who she was marrying I thought our Liza had gone lesbian. David Gest looks a lot like Ann Miller..

    I love my pic less the chins, LOL

    Kisses, The Big M

  3. MargOH! Dyslexia is very common amoung us creative types, dont sweat it!
    Im a shit speller myself. the great thing about computers is you have spell check to sort it all out for you, trouble is as well as being stupid im too god damned lazy to use it!
    but hey, so long as you get your message across, and you do it with style the way you do, nobodys complainin.
    as for chin ups? im sure you could incorporate that into your drinking pattern, try sippin your martini's at a different angle, i bet youll notice the difference?
    your pretty photogenic anyways

    dan xxx

  4. p.s who is the hot guy to the left of you in the pic? i rekon he's checkin out your but MargOH!

    dan x

  5. see how i misspelt butt there, damn it!

  6. My UK dan,

    Little Phoebe provided me with a pic of you.... I'm smitten... I can see why that mag wanted you as a model doll..

    Scavullo once said that I did things for the camera that most human beings can't, fill up the whole Lens.. not sure exactly what he meant but i took it as a compliment.

    Thanks Love,

    Kisses, MargOH!

  7. Hey doll,

    Thats my Piano man Jarad Astin, he's a doll...Hot stuff he is like butt-er

    Kisses, Margoh!