Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Loose Ends

Hey Kids,

Yes, I have to start taking care of some loose ends. First and foremost is my ass. It is sagging beyond belief. It time for a butt lift!! I'm off to the chinese plastic surgeon in China town, cheap as chips!!

Another loose end is the fact that I never shared with you if I was planning on getting married. I did decide to accept my proposal of marraige under a few conditions. The first being that we really don't have to live together, secondly I don't ever cook for him and thirdly is that he makes sure there is always a full case of champagne in both of our residences. I think these are simple requests, don't you?

It is my pleasure to say that MargOH! will wed her longtime director Jeff Catlow. It will be a very simple ceremony but the date has not been chosen. Jeff is much younger than I and I like having him around. He keeps me abreast of what the kids like these days, keeps me hip kids!! He's also a really good beard for when I like to dabble in the art of lesbianism.... watch out ladies....

I think it was a good decision and now I won't have to pay him for his directing services for my shows. Its very exciting. I will keep you updated on our wedding date!

I also saw my hypnotist yesterday and I'm working on some issues about Stoli. I did remember a few things but its not all together yet. I now remember gaining a lot of weight but I thought that was because of all the pad thai I was eating when I first moved to bangkok. I did also recall going to the hospital but Berna told me I was having my appendix and Gal Stones removed, it was very painful. It is all a bit of a blurr. I still don't remember banging Stumpy but Ms. Rizzario, the hypnotist, said I spoke of Stumpy being around and cleaning out the girls rooms, then something about riding a stump. I have to go back before I leave for dallas. I'm still not convinced that Stoli is mine but I'll tell you one thing I had 3 Stoli dirty Martini's afterwards but I usually prefer Belvedere....I'm scared!!!

Kisses, MargOH!


  1. Be careful having surgery in that area of town! They might get your chart mixed up and you could end up with a penis instead ;)

    Congrats on your wedding dear! I'm so happy. And yes, those are very reasonable requests indeed! I can't wait to see photos of you in a wedding dress!

    But please don't tell me you plan on wearing white ;)


  2. MargOH! this is great news, a wedding!!!so exciting! and it seems that time you are married you will already have the whole family set up ( well we will have to wait for the DNA results first).
    What will you wear on the big day MargoH! Jeff is a lucky guy, I want to come, ive never been to a celebrity wedding before!!!!


  3. phoebe8:18 AM

    hi Margoh! - are you going to make up with Berna and invite her to be your maid of honour? Are you getting hitched in NYC, or going back to Bangor for a "family affair"? Can't wait for the "Hello" photo op.. Very exciting news... xxx

  4. Darlings,

    I think I am going to wear a sarong because we plan on marrying in Hawaii I believe but I am not sure exactly. I will of course choose a black or red one... LOL

    Stoli is a nightmare kids, I'm not handling her well. She keeps trying to cut my hair for a sample but I'm am sly and she can't get it.

    Berna is still on the lamb. I must speak with her now to see what the hell she knows. I'll keep you updated but Berna and I are like butter an toast so I'm sure she'll be back and all will be forgiven..
    She will pay though!!!!

    Kisses, MargOH!