Saturday, October 28, 2006

Sully's serenade

Hey Kids,

Yes Sully is still here, I can't get rid of her. She went out one afternoon and came back with a Pussycat... not a cat but a Pussycat Doll.

She 's been hanging out with Melody, going out to dinner, movies and after hours parties. I don't know how the hell she met her and neither of them will say.

Melody told me I was horrible for keeping my mother in Alaska. I told Melody to bite it and that Sully Loves the fish mongers retirement home...She has all the fish and men she wants...jeez. Melody added that I should at least put her in a home closer...obviously Sully has charmed this pussycat doll.

Sully likes to sing shanty songs and they are wonderful, she has a fabulous voice and she knows how to get people to think she's fabu. Melody is now trying to get Sully to do back up on their tour. She said it would give them granny cred, whatever that means.

I can't deal with that Sully. She's always trying to steal my thunder. it should be I doing back -up for the Pussycat dolls, not my damn mother!!!!!

I'm calling the home, they must get her out of here!!!! She's not coming with me to Nellie's Record release party on Halloween!!!!

Kisses, MargOH!


  1. Hi MargOH! - i guess with Sully you just have to think of the positives - think of all the best mother/daughter combos - judy + liza, big edie + little edie, joan + christina... ok, scrap that thought. Seeing as it's a spooky time of year I'm just off to see Peaches Christ's tranny slasher films this afternoon at the retro bar (we'll take you there when you come to London MargOH!)... I'm particularly looking forward to "Troll Girl". Have fun at Nellie's party - send greetings from London! I can't wait to get the new record because I want to do a painting of her in her VEGAN sweatshirt(!) xxxx (p.s a hectic spate of painting is responsible for the lack of Kiawah feedback - but it's wonderful - get it to the kids!)

  2. Phoebe darling,

    No worries love..on Kiawah...whenever you have a chance. Tranny slasher films sound fun, yes I must go!!

    Sully is pissing me off....she is such a pest, more like a pet than a mother!!

    I was thinking of bringing the painting to show our little Nellie. Is that okay with you love...let me know

    Kisses, MargOH!

  3. Hi MargOH!, of course that's ok, I'm sure she'd appreciate the camp element(!) Someday I'd like to show Nellie the one of her playing ukulele on the prairies with the monster in the background, ha ha. I just got back from the films - "troll girl" and "squeeky blonde" were too scary for me, though luckily my hangover had numbed my senses somewhat so i didn't scream. Are you planning a costume for halloween? Take a photo if so! xxxxx

  4. Doll,

    Costumes, please...I'll just be my gorgeous self.

    Spookey fun and yes I'll take pictures doll

    Kisses, MargOH!