Thursday, October 19, 2006

Stoli's driving me crazy

Hey Kids,

Motherhood is exactly what I thought it would be, a pain in the ass. Now I know why my mother hated me. Oh yeah by the way Sully just arrived last night. She was suppose to come to my show in September. She hopped a freight train in Alaska and made it as far as Colorado but then got caught and was forced into hard labor to pay for the ride. She finally paid off her debt and then took the Greyhound and showed up at my damn door last night.

She is driving me nuts already with her thongs hanging in my shower, etc....yuk.

She met Stoli and informed her that there was no way she was a Channing and that we need to have the DNA test. Sully said she didn't have the Channing hump around the shoulders. Stoli spat in her face of course, she's a very rude gal, not like myself at all.

Berna's laughing the whole time and chanting MargOH!'s a mommie at me....bitch

She's also starting to demand money for low rise jeans and baby tees. She is 26 and I'm not up to pampering her.

God, I gotta go! Sully and Stoli are standing over me asking about lunch. I'm taking them to the diner across the street, Cosmos... I'll be back to update you on the DNA test scheduled for tomorrow. I just wanna make sure!!!!

Kisses, MargOH!

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  1. phoebe3:50 PM

    gosh margOH!, You'll have to get a family portrait done soon. Hope you are well despite the family "female trouble" - I've been taking alice's photo today for a painting. She's such an old fashioned girl, it's all gone very 1940s. Alice is heading to NYC, but alas I can't come because I'm doing Paris instead... gee whiz, london, paris, new york... kisses from... london!