Thursday, October 12, 2006

Barbra, Broads and rain

Hi Kids,

I had a last minute invite to the babs striesand concert with one of my main gays named "Boobala". I actually just met boob at a house party of another gay Todd I know but Boob has been sticking to me like glue, how fun! He works for one of the fashion mags and scored us some floor tickets. A little too close for comfort if you ask me, Babs needs a little work, she is 64 now and I don't think she's been under the knife yet. She does have good gene's though. I think her mother died a few years back at 93.

Anyway Boobala and I got whacked on Champagne, wow, by the time Babs got out on stage I was tipsy. I also brought my mini martin bar, its cute, it fits in my purse. It holds 4 nips of vodka, olives and a tiny little shaker, just add ice, its perfect.

Barbra WAs on her best behavior but Boobala was not and started yelling out to Babs asking her to drop the "F" bomb again. I was in a panic because Barbra looked a bit annoyed in her version of "My man". Bette Midler was there and told Boobala to shut the fuck up and then asked me for a Nip. I gave it to her ANd she downed it in one quick gulp, atta girl Bette.

I can't go throught the whole concert because honestly I fell asleep during IL Divo, actually they made me Ill. After that things just went south and I lost interest. I was also dismayed they sang "Evergreen" which is my favorite Babs song.

When we left it was pouring buckets and i was soaked waiting for a cab while Boobala was trying to pick up Jonathan Lipnicki, yikes, thats a whole other story...

I was suppose to go to my Martini club members Chris Tuttle's birthday bash but Babs and boobala just wore me out, my apologies Chris!!! you are a love!!!

Oops gotta run, Boobala and I are headed out for lunch with Jonathan, I guess he's trying to pitch a movie to HBO about his big head....

Kisses, MargOH!

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