Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Barbra, bangles and Tuttleicious

Hey Kids,

The shoot for the Dallas film has been postponed again so i am back in the city for a week.

Berna has already been annoying me and she says she know's nothing of Stoli, but I can tell she's fibbing. I'll get it out of her eventually..

Anywho, I'm very excited cause I'm going to see Barbra tonight at the garden. I'm going with a gay and then after that I'm running to Chris Tuttle's birthday celebration at Vlada, very exciting!!

I hope Babs drops the F-bomb again, how exciting. I have a little gossip about Bab's costumes.

I heard that Liza went back stage to say hi and barbra flipped over her sequin Pant suit and demanded that Liza give it to her immediatly.

Babs in a sequin pant suit, I was shocked, it looked fabulous.

I heard Liza looked terrible though in an empire waisted gown in the front row, very sad. Liza was overheard saying that she loved Barbra but she can be so demanding and that she better get her suit back. Liz Smith said, yeah'll probably see it on ebay in six months...

Legends can be so funny, ya think?

I'll let you know how it was and hopefully I can cop a feel of Chris Tuttle's 30 year old butt, it's hot stuff kids!!!!! I think I'll buy him 30 dirty martini's, that should ensure some action....LOL

Kisses, MargOH!

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