Sunday, October 08, 2006

Ain't nothing going on but the rent

Hey Kids,

I'm here in Dallas and guess what? Berna calls me from my home line informing me that she is back. How Nice... I started in on her about the whole Stoli nightmare but she cut me off again...

Berna then says there is another eviction notice under the door. It says I have until December 1st to get out.. Oh Christ! The building said they have decided to relocate their offices to my apartment.

What a bunch of Jackasses!!!!

I hate the rental game in NYC. I am lucky I'm not middle class because if I was I may be out on the street in a matter of no time.

I told Berna to get her ass in gear and find us a place asap. She said she was on it! The I heard someone in the background. I of course asked who she had over and she said it was Raul, Kathy Lee's pool boy. She said he wants to work for us and is tired of Kathy's sexual escapades and rampant orgies.

Great, another staff member. Now I know how Liza feels. She must have 10 people keeping her together...

Oh Yes, I just got a call from Liza's peeps offering me the gig of Liza's stand in and body double for her upcoming movie "Katie's Blues". How fun and I get to work in NY...hopefully I'll have a place to live...

Berna set me straight and told me that I was middle class by NYC standards, yikes!!!

Kisses, MargOH!

PS I put another pic from d-lounge for your viewing pleasure


  1. phoebe12:58 PM

    Berna's back - Hooray!
    Hope you find a good new home margOH! - when I visited NY i had to negotiate a rather dodgy industrial brooklyn neighbourhood and passed a few hookers, a crack house, and a chicken slaughterhouse before reaching home each night - i mean creative types thrive on a bit of rough, but you need to feel you can pop safely to the corner store in the wee small hours when the martini's run dry! So good luck house hunting.. xxx

  2. Hi Doll,

    You must be speaking of the "Bushwick" section of brooklyn, it is very spookey out there. I think the broad that says she's JT Leroy lives out there...

    Oh, we'll find something... Berna is in big trouble for sure, what a witch, she's lucky I'm taking her back and she's lucky I'm in Dallas at the moment...

    Kisses, MargOH!