Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Family Portrait

Hey Kids,

Can you believe Stoli wants to get a mother/daughter photo done?She says she missed out on normal family things and wants to catch up. She said she wants to rent a car and go to Sears in New Jersey.

I'm a little freaked out, not about the photo but the slutty schoolgirl skirt she
bought to wear. It's a bit skimpy.... plus she is 26 or 27..I'm not quite sure. We are still waiting for the actual DNA sample. I had to go give a second one because they said that the first one I gave was too vodka soaked to get a reading..I told them not to take a saliva sample...ding dongs.

Also I got a call from Stumpy's sister Stella telling me that Stoli is a little terror and that I should keep all the knives in the house locked up. I guess she likes to carve her name on things like walls and arms....I think Stella is fibbing...I haven't seen Stoli be violent, she just stares at me sometimes... creepy!!! She did ask me to see SAW III....mmmmm. I did get her a meeting with my agent Shecky Burns and he thinks he can get her a walk-on for "Passions" next week. I hope so. I just got my call back from "Dallas" and am on my way back to Texas, yuk!!!

I'll keep you posted plus my wild afternoon with Ethan Hawke....

Kisses, MargOH!

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