Sunday, September 03, 2006

New Show Promo, Come to the Cabaret


  1. phoebe11:42 AM

    Margoh!, that photo is brilliant. I feel inspired for another painting! Talking of which, I am awful not to have sent the first one yet!! and tmrw I'm off for a little trip to Geneva, but on my return I'll hit the post office! I've told my NY friends to catch your show... tears that I'll miss it! Break a leg and a few martini glasses while you're at it - Phoebe xxx

  2. Phoebe,

    Hi Hon, no problem about the painting, no rush, when you can!!!

    Geneva, sounds wonderful!!! Have fun.

    Let me know your friends names? if they come so I can say hi during the show and talk to them about the You and the painting, etc.