Wednesday, September 20, 2006

One More Show!

Hey Kids,

One more show to go for old MargOH! on Friday...

I just got a call from Sully. She is coming!!!

Crap, I can't beleive it. The fishmonger home pitched in for her to fly here but she got held up in Chicago because she tried to smuggle her fish oil suppository on board.

Yikes, so she was being questioned. I had to call and explain that Sully is no terrorist. She only terroizes my sister Rita and I... I added.

They agreed to let her go but didn't grant my request to send her back. The security guy says a daughter should look after a mother mmmmm Sully is no normal mother. She is 78 but looks like she's my age with a saltier edge to her. She has been dating an orderly at the home, he's 32. She's a slut

She's a nightmare, help!!!!!

This is why I need as many people I can to come to the show to take my mind off Sully.

Kisses, Kids



  1. Good luck on the show - would love to see it soon!

  2. Thanks danny,

    Yes, you'll have to come sometime!!! or maybe I'll come out your way. I'd love to do San Francisco!!

    Kisses, MargOH!