Monday, September 11, 2006

Have to believe in Magic

Hey Kids,

So busy with last minute show preperations that my posting is bad, my deepest apologies....

I have no idea why I made the title of this blog what I did....

Is it because MargOH! is Magic....

Only you know!!!

I'll be back with more soon, I promise my kiddies

Kisses, The Big M


  1. Can't wait to see the show on Thursday! :)

  2. hey magic margOH! - i just got back from switzerland - which is a weird place - but when i was there my little friend Iori showed me some of this show called "the view" - when Sandra Bernhard was on it - and i thought it was one of the best things i've seen. You're so lucky to have such high class entertainment over there! We had a spin-off of this show in the uk, but it didn't work because everyone in the media over here is liberal. Where are the thin-lipped republican bitches, as S.B would say, that put the spice into daytime television?!?
    Can't wait to hear how your unique brand of entertainment goes down on thursday - perhaps they'll call you for a slot on "the view"..? Phoebs xxx

  3. Hi Chris, Phoebe,

    I can't wait to meet you Chris, you seem like such a wonderful chap, thanks for coming!!


    I was once stuck in Geneva at the airport en route to Greece I think. I ate my weight in Swiss cheese and threw up all over some pilot.... very sad..

    Yes, i saw the episode of "The View" with sandy, LOL She is one of my favorite performers of all time and when you get to see me perform I think you may catch glimpses of her style in me, she is one of my muses...I love how tey were going at it but honestly I hate that show,I can't stand Barbara walters, honestly I think those woman are really living in another universe but it does make for good TV when they opposite political views, LOL GO SANDY!!!!