Thursday, September 07, 2006

I'd like to thank the Academy

Hey Kids,

As per my post a few days ago about my meeting with Meryl and Diane and the little gift I took as pay back for Meryl being mean to me...

Well I have been in negotiations with the Academy for the return of Meryl's oscar for best supporting actress for Kramer vs. kramer. I already had Berna etch my name in over Meryl's...LOL

Anyway Meryl had called the Academy and said she lost it(she couldn't remember what happened, too much scotch) but Diane called and said I borrowed it so they called me and I said Meryl gave it to me whilst on a drunk.

The Academy was not concerned about how I got it(though they were upset with Meryl for leaving her oscar in her atrium) but how they can get it back and of course I'm more than willing to return it but for a pretty penny of course.

I really want to keep it but they insist it is "The Academy's" property and either has to be returned to Meryl or them immediatly.

I don't know kids, how much should I ask for? I think I may ask for 10 grand and six cases of Champers...

I'll keep you updated.....

Kisses, MargOH!


  1. Why dont you get Berna to knock up a fake oscar togive it back to Meryl? you can keep the real one for yourself. If you arrange to meet her in a bar im sure she'll end up pissed again and wont even notice the weight difference and the gold foil peeling at the edges of the fake one! Then you could melt down the real one (destroy the evidence) and make yourself a nice necklace or somthin with it?!!

    also if Meryl doesnt notice as i predict she wont you could still claim the cash and booze too!

    sorry not been in touch, its Private view season, all the galleries are opening again after the summer hols and being a bit poor at the mo im in no position to turn down free champers!!!!!

    kisses from the gutter!

    dan xxxxx

  2. dan hon,

    Great idea, very exciting!! I think I'll do that...Berna can do it, she's crafty.

    Thats okay doll, please enjoy the art and free champers is of utmost importance.

    I love the gutter, its fabulous!!

    Kisses, M