Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Getting them to go

Hey Kids,

I must say that self promotion sucks....I woke up this morning and Berna is gone. She left me a card that says she's tired of my antics and is going to Greener acres..the card is a musical one that plays the green acres theme....I think she took Kathy Lee Gifford up on her offer...she'll be back.... but now I have to get someone to do my changes backstage, maybe Glenda the super...damn!! Maybe I'll get a temp...

Back to self promotion...You see I haven't got much work lately and the cash flow is a bit slow as of late, though I am shooting the "Dallas" film right after the shows..5,000 a day for 15 days, thats 75, 000 smackers.... That should last me through November I guess..

Anyway, since I'm the new gal in town as far as Cabaret goes its not easy gettin publicity of any kind...even though I'm a legend in the extra world, cabaret is my new frontier and quite frankly I can't even get a lisitng in Time out....Its a bit sad and almost maddening that MargOH! has to schlep for her own publicity...Yikes

I do have a large network of friends and most are coming to the shows but some can't and that is just fine, MargOH! understands..Berna get me my champers, Oh wait Berna's not here...Now I have to get my own Champers, good lord...

I'm so looking forward to the show and I hope for a good turnout or I may have to start turning out trix to get people to come....Well I mean they don't know what they are missing, really...

See you at the show kids...Now I'm going over to Christopher street to hand out promo's to the homo's...

Kisses, The Big M


  1. Don't worry, Berna will be back. She's just being dramatic.

    Self promotion is hard, but I know the show will be great no matter how many people come. And I can't wait to see you in Dallas :D

  2. Nathan,

    Can you believe that Berna, after all I've done for her and on top of it she took all the money I keep in my panty drawer...witch.

    Oh, yes... I know I am and will be fabulous, LOL... Please at my cabaret/bordello/escort service in bangkok I sometimes would sing just to my girls and a couple of Johns...very sad. I am sure I'll have a good crowd but MargOH! needs to be adored by lots of peeps..I'm not worried but i do get a bit annoyed at the "media" in this city...

    Thanks for the kind words!!!

  3. MargOH! im shocked Berna could be so wretched!!!!!
    how miserable. My friends Leah's just lost and Sarah ra ra are coming to Newyork in october, they are stylish girls and i rekon they would be more than willing to come play in your wardrobe back stage! check em out on my myspace!
    i hope to come visit after christmas too, would be fun to hook up!
    good luck with the show, im miserable that i cant be there.