Friday, September 15, 2006

Thank you Loves!!!

Hey Kids,

Had a fabulous show last night!! I will post some pics and share soon...

We had a great turnout and that was fantastic.

MargoH! of course got a little tipsy and screwed up a few lines but this is my work in progress which in industry terms means the show may suck but we'll get it right eventually!!!


Thanks to all the kids that stopped by to check out little old MargOH!

Chris Tuttle(martini club member) and Joe Kovaks who now helms my favorite old gal Madame , my boys Shawn and Renee and so many others I can't even list...

A special thanks to my guest Kenny Kleiber for his wit and fantastic comic timing...

To my Jeff catlow for his fabulous rendition of "Fever" , very hot

My darling piano man Jarad Astin who is a party animal just like me, I love it!!!

And to my temp Samantha Rowan who jumped into Berna's shoes just great

My darling Rob for manning the door, a very sexy job and he did it top notch

The d-lounge and Jason and that sexy and cute waiter, very hot!!!

I'll post some pics later and tell you about a couple of the fashion shows I went to and my little spat with Demi Moore....its spookey, I can't help it if Ashton felt my ass...get over it Demi

Kisses, MargOH!


my suspicions were right. Berna is at kathie Lee Giffords in connecticut. I called Raul, Kathie's pool boy I had hot sex with last year... He said that Berna was living it up with spa treatments and gorging herself with havarti cheese....Kathie is not even making her do anything but clean up after Coty...and sewing irregular clothes from her wal mart line... witch

I have a call into Kathie but she is not taking the call. Berna is in big trouble , when i get a hold of her, she's in for it, Leaving me in my hour of need!!

How dare she after all I've done for her!!!!

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