Tuesday, September 05, 2006

MargOH! Speaks

Hey Kids,

I am hard at work tuning up the next shows and have been brewing on some subjects that have my goat.

During my recent visit to P-town when I spent a fab weekend at Jw's place Mink stole and I were hitting all the hot spots, beach by day and then of course off to T-dance. Mink and I of course are known by the gays so they all just go wild when we are around and thats just fun, free drinks for everyone I say... Though I must say I had a moment when I noticed a young man all by himself, an average lad, not too cute but not too homely either, just fine so I made my way over and said hi.
He said hi and I asked him why the long face?

He replied that he had come up with 2 of his lesbian gals and were on the 3rd day of the visit but were having a horrible time. He told me how he kept getting treated badly by complete strangers including bad service from his hotel staff, waiters, you name it. His lesbian pals joined us and were also telling me that they had breakfast and waited for 30 minutes to have their order taken whilst their waiter pandered to some muscle boys who came in after them, they felt that they were being treated badly because of their looks.

Could this be? So I started to look around and take note. I must say that I did see some of this behavior right at tea dance, a chubby guy was waiting at the bar for 15 minutes waiting to get served but when I went to the bar the bartender almost knocked down the barback to get to me. I felt bad for the chubby one and bought him a drink. The rest of the trip I kept mental notes and realized this was happening everywhere , from the shops to the restaurants...these not so good looking gays were being discriminated against!!!!! Now I can't blame good looking people but I can blame the shallowness of those who were throwing attitude to the poor average looking patrons, it was very sad and I must say a little miffed at those gays.

People its not looks that make a person, its the heart that leads to greatness so please treat people with respect no matter how ugly they are...

by the way the average looking gave me the best sex of the summer season so take that silly gays!!!!

Kisses, MargOH!


  1. You're always finding new scenarios to get your kitty tickled, aren't you? hehe

    There was a very valuable lesson in there. Good for you Margee.

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  3. Nathan darling,

    Oh yes, you know I have a heart mixed with gold and dirty Martini's....

    Kisses, MargOH!