Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Joining Berna

Hey Kids,

It was another fun filled weekend but MargOH! had a little setback.

I did a private performance that went wonderful and met some lovely people. The party was a house warming for a Princess and her Prince. That is all I can say due to their wanting to keep a low Royal profile in the city.

The party was just lovely and of course I knocked them dead... Though I had performed at the retirement home it had been a while since I performed for Royalty. It was a little nerve filled and I grabbed for the GIN.

You all know I have been off Gin for a while now. I was weaned off GIN by Dr. Beefachaki using a controversial method of drinking only Sake at his clinic in Hawaii. I had been doing so well but it was all too much for me and I said hello to Mr. Beefeater. Bad, Bad MargOH!...

GIN has this hold on me and I sometimes do things I normally wouldn't do on say Vodka martinis. Things can become very "Rosemary's baby" for me when I mess with the Gin and can become well lets just say weird.

I quickly called the place where I sent Berna, very chic place. They sent a car for me and I am resting just fine. I am having a simple electric shock therapy. I am going to stay for a week. That should be enough and it will give me time to prepare for my second meeting at Lifetime. They are biting on the idea of my show "MargOH! Unleashed".

I'll keep ya posted,

Oh dear I think I just saw George Michael.

he too fell off the wagon... But GHB, that is so 90's... Poor thing..

Kisses Kids,


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