Tuesday, February 07, 2006

A "Penny Arcade" for your thoughts

Hey Kids,

Since I have moved back to New York I have met so many wonderful people and some miserable wrecks. The miserable wrecks are those who feel they are entitled to something grand. The ones who think they don't have to work for anything (i.e. the Paris Hilton's of the world). Unfortunately, these miserable wrecks have all flocked here to change the whole vibe of the city I adore. A gentrification if you will.

The wonderful people I have met all seem to have one common bond and that is to create purposeful art and to preserve the history of this great city.

One of those wonderful people that is at the forefront of the movement is my dear friend Penny Arcade. Penny is a woman who has seen and done it all. She is an accomplished artist and performer who speaks her mind and is not afraid to confront issues that are important to her. She has worked with many great artists including the legendary director John Vaccaro who led "The Playhouse of the Ridiculous".

She has also done excellent solo works like "Bitch, Dyke, Faghag, Whore" and her latest "New York Values". I have seen the latter several times and I just can't get enough of it, the piece is just fabulous. She speaks about the gentrification of the place she has called home for many years "The Lower East Side". Penny is actually a living , breathing, history lesson that is full of information of a time that has passed.

She has made it her mission to preserve the history of her life and the other artists and inhabitants of the LES through her MNN program " The Lower East Side Biography Project". She also continues to promote the current and future great artists of the city through the Annual "Howl Festival". Penny is a visionary as well and has made me understand that you have to embrace and cherish your past and present to create a fabulous future.

This is a wonderful gift that Penny is giving us and I want everyone to think and know about this humble and gorgeous woman. She is truly legendary.

Penny is also married to a hottie named Chris Rael( an accomplished singer/songwriter and musician) whom I also just lust... I mean drool...I mean admire. They are quite a team and I just love their energy and am so lucky to know both of them.

If I could just get some of the miserable wrecks to be put under the spell of Ms. Arcade this city and the world would be a much better place. I think Cindy Adams should be the first to take a history lesson from Penny and then maybe "The Olsen Twins" or how about Gwyneth?

I know one thing! I will continue to take lessons and learn all I can from my darling Penny.

The line starts behind me, I'll bring the champagne!!!!

Bravo Penny!!!!

Kisses Kids,


PS- The pics of Penny are from Trigger Magazine and taken by Evan Sung.

They are gorgeous!!!!

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