Friday, February 03, 2006

I promise to tell the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help me Jose Quervo!

Hey Kids,

What in the shot of Jack Daniels is going on in the literary world?

First we have James Frey exaggerate his memoirs to the point that he embarrassed the most powerful woman in the country, The Big O herself Oprah!

Though I would never tell stories on my blog that are not true.I don't think that his mistruths are really that big of a deal. They are things that he probably jotted down after he drank a bottle of Vodka (he looks like a drinker). This is nothing to get all worked up about however...

The second disturbing literary hoax has come out about JT Leroy and this story really makes me angry. JT Leroy actually lied about being an HIV + , Transsexual truck stop prostitute. JT Leroy is actually some 40 year old woman named Laura Albert. It is one thing to ghost write but to create a character that is so far removed from your reality and pass it off as a true story is just sick.

The other frightening thing is how all of these great literary minds fell for this crap. They were so wrapped up in taking credit for finding this genius that they failed to realize the impact this nut might have on the actual HIV + Transsexual truck stop prostitutes. They all had suspicions that JT was not the real writer.

Poor Madonna, she must be beside herself and ready to pounce on Ms. Albert. What about all the other poor celebrities that were running to be around this young troubled genius.

I just feel very sorry for Ms. Albert and her lies. It is sad she felt she had to use the idea of being a Transsexual to get a deal..... When most GLBT writers can barely get their voices heard

I say shame on you lady!!!

I am making a Margatrita as we speak to calm myself down..... Berna hand me the limes and some salt would you babe.

Kisses, MargOH!


  1. Toast to that margarita, honey...!

  2. Hi Dan Darling,

    I Know we are both from Maine, love a bit of the drink and would get angered by such foolishness.

    JT needs a good dose of JD... Jack Daniels that is!!!

    Kisses, MargOH!