Tuesday, February 21, 2006

"Krumpin" for my Wallet

Hey kids,

Well I spent the night at the airport security lodging. What a night...

The authorities went to find Bode and he verified my identity. I think he was a bit upset since they woke him at 4am. This was the night before the Super G and he did Super bad. When they released me I did send him a note attached to some Boones saying how sorry I was.

I arrived back at my hotel where some of the skaters who opted out of the olympic village also stayed. I went to the desk to see if anyone had handed in my wallet. I was pleasantly suprised to find that it had been returned. I opened it up and everything was there but about 100 bucks. I immediatly asked who returned it and everyone got very quiet. I asked again and the desk clerk pointed to a woman sulking in the lobby. He said she had checked into my room after a bad skate in the ice dance competition. I turned and it was Barbara Fusar Poli, yikes.

I went straight over to her and said where's my 100 bucks. She mumbled something back to me in Italian. I think she said "Go Fuck Yourself".

I was unaware of her damage and said listen lady I work hard for my money and even though you found my wallet I don't think you deserve a 100 bucks. She turned to me and gave me a stare down so vile it made me fall back a couple of steps.

The only thing I could think to do at this point was to "Krump" her. So I gave her the best "Krump" I could and then she gave me full on "Kick the dog" with some step ball change action. I geared up and gave her another "Krump" and a booty shake that stirred up the lobby. They started to applaud. Barbara then hit me with a flamenco snap and twirl that left me mesmerized. I then spun into a full vogue with a rockette kick, ouch , hurt my "Gout" a bit. The crowd was wild and they started to throw money. Barbara then shocked me with a "Cha Cha" to die for. She grabbed the back of my neck and hand and we busted into a hot "Tango". We became one in our dance. We were like lovers in an unbridled moment. It was hot! At the end of our tango we got lost in the moment and kissed.

I moved back and saw the longing in her eyes but I had to end it. I apologized and looked down at the floor. There had to have been 500 bucks thrown from the crowd. Barbara then said. "There's your money bitch with interest" She grabbed 50 bucks and went on her way.

It was a magical moment, wow.

Only at the Olympics Kids,

Kisses, MargOH!



    What a story!

    Found you on LADY BUNNY'S comment box my dear, and I'll be reading your blog on a regular basis, and you can count on it!

    Your new fan,

  2. CAConrad darling,

    Thank you so much for your comment.

    It is hard to believe. I couldn't believe it myself.

    There is more Drama here at the Olympics than Fashion week. It's drama you could pour in a glass and drink. I drink a lot. It's fabulous..

    Keep reading doll and I'll be looking at yours.

    Love the pic....

    Kisses, MargOH!