Monday, February 06, 2006

Fashion week , mmmmm

Hey Kids,

I didn't even want to go to fashion week but Lee ann Womack gave me a call to say she was in town and was going to the Tracey Reese show. I decided to go even though I know Lee Ann is a bit well.. how should I say Crazy. Remember my post about the CMA's yikes.

I ended up meeting Lee Ann at the tent and we downed some champaigne and then I made small talk with Marcia Gay Harden. That means the star rating at this affair was how should I say low.... Lee Ann ended up rubbing elbows with Philip Bloch, you know that annoying stylist so I ran off and chatted with porn darling Jenna Jameson who I had just bonded with at the AVN's. She is so sweet...and chock full of cock jokes, a real mouthful she is.

Carrie Underwood was there and she was a lot of fun. She told me that she was reading my blog. I was very excited and asked her how she found it. She told me that Lee Ann had complained to her about my CMA post and she decided to check it out and now she is hooked. Carrie Leaned into me and said between you and me she is a nut job.

I forgot to tell Carrie that in my last post I promised to tell the truth so I have to post it, sorry Carrie.

Kisses, MargOH

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