Friday, July 07, 2006


Hey Kids,

I can't help to wonder about Boy George....

MargoH! is a great lover of "The Culture Club" and have had many drunken nights dancing to "Miss me Blind".

We all know what a mess the Boy was when he was on the drugs back in the day and the heart was sick over it. I hate to see anyone caught up in a drug scene, why not a "Dirty Martini Scene"... Kids, don't you agree!!

Well travel 20 years in time and poor George got all caught up with the "Club Scene" in NY with all the sassy... 30 something club kids that are still doing the blow, really....

I feel the Boy is a bit sad at the moment, though I love his music... its time to drop the drugs and pick up a bottle of Sake and get clean!!!!

Check out the site made about Boy George's taking money and not returning it to charities, etc. for services not rendered.....


Kisses, MargOH!


  1. Hangin with the 30 somthings? Whenever ive seen him out in London the kids hangin off him are so young their almost fetal!
    He's a bad Boy MargOH! i tell you a bad Boy! Ive a freind who's had a very bizarre experience with Boy involving porno's and valium but i cant get into that in a public domain. Sure enough he's made some great music, and worn a few great outfits in his time though. Im with you MargOH! Martini's and mohito's all the way.

    He needs to get a grip of himself, and quit those Big Mac's aswell, he was such a pretty boy back in the day!

    anyhow, how are you MargOH! Is the sun shining in NY today? its a bit dull here.

    dan xxx

  2. it is very sunny love...

    Please here he hangs with Amanda the bore Lapore and such.

    I usually don't talk trash about the kids but i have not time for over the hill club kids...

    I've got wimbledon fever and am off to play Berna in a match... LOL
    she's toast