Friday, July 21, 2006

Meetin up w/ Jason & deMarco

Hey Kids,

I was watching Logo last week, ya know the gay channel that bleeps out words like cock, bumfun, blow jobs, pussy, and even dildo... jeez they are very sensitive at Logo.

Anyway I was watching the "clicklist" , videos that is and I set my eyes upon somewhat of a gorgeous trainwreck called Jason & deMarco. They were like Hanson, less one. They were caressing and touching eachother and singing a sexy duet together.. It was very strange so I had Berna look them up. Who knew? They've been around for a while and I had this instant urge to meet them... I needed there squeaky clean image rubbed all over me. Then again,if anyone could turn them into dirty scoundrels it would be me, right Kids?

Actually I have been working on a new song, well the re-working of the classic "Coal Miners Daughter". I of course am making it "Fish Mongers Daughter" to use in one of my upcoming shows. I felt like I needed to give it more of a pop feel so I thought they would be perfect to collaborate with. They obviously know how to work a cheesy pop song and they're oh so cute....

The bio's on their website just says it all, Jason a Pentecostal Christian and demarco just a gay Canadian say that when they sing together they are magic. I need a little magic I told Berna so I had her ring their people. Well when she called Jason himself answered the phone, how Christian and down to earth is that, he answers his own calls... I of course rushed to the phone spilling my 10 am Dirty martini all over my new teddy... Damn.

Jason was very pleasant and was more than willing to help me.... For a pretty penny that is. I couldn't believe what they were asking for a little consult. See what happens when your mothers of the music ministry, they'll suck you dry and thank Jesus at the same time.. I always thank Dr. Beefeater for all my success.

Anyhow, I eventually worked them down to a fee I thought reasonable, a case of Mumms and a bottle of Berna's homemade Cognac. That Christian is hot for the booze.

So I am excited to say that I will be doing a consult with Jason & deMarco, very exciting. I am just gay with anticipation. I'll let you know how it goes....


The Big M


  1. Dr. Beefeater.... that rich. I love it.

  2. I forgot to say.. I have just removed the canadian gay channel from my cable package.. nothing but cooking shows and lesbian dating games.

  3. Robert darling,

    I always thank Dr. beefeater for helping me with my career. I never did a movie without him...well now I drink Stoli or Sky but who's keeping track doll...

    Only a blogger for a few days and you found MargOH!... How lucky we are...Love your

    Kisses, MargOH!

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