Friday, July 28, 2006

Going to the Chapel...Maybe

Hey Kids,

I can't believe it but last night I was proposed to. Yes, its true I was asked to be married for the 52nd time. I only accepted 16 and only 2 made it to the actual JP. I don't do altars....One was annulled the first thing in the morning, I couldn't really stay married to Fidel, I just wanted to see what he was made of.. If you know what I mean.. Refer to my blog "Memories of Fidel". I didn't tell all in that story but I never really tell everything that goes on, if I did Little "Beck" would be in big trouble after what went on at his party, yikes.

I haven't given my answer yet so I can't divulge who has asked. I was actually shocked and spilt my Blueberry Frozen Margarita all over my new white blouse, damn. I loved that blouse... I hope Chung from Chung Chings dry cleaners can get it out. I paid a huge sum for that shirt at Forever 21, I think like 18.99, crap. The blueberry Margarita was fantastic by the way, just the right tartness/sweetness factor mixed with Jose quervo, yummy...I had 7 of them, talk about brain freeze.

Maybe it was the brain freeze that made me sit in shock over the proposal, not that I don't care for the asker and I am gorgeous, sexy, adventurous,have great tits, gorgeous, sweet as pie, not a bad ass either. I guess my shock was that I thought he was gay, well he is gay... I'm just happy to have been asked and requested a 48 hour window to say yes or no...If I say yes I want it to be a very long engagement, at least 2 years... A girls gotta build in a little time to play the field before that ceremony, c'mon people.

Gotta run, I'm having coffee with Jennifer Tilly , she's in town for a bit and she is coaching me on my upcoming role in the "Dallas" movie and I'm also getting a role in the next Chucky film , how fun...

I'll update you all on my answer....

Kisses, MargOH!


  1. You know Marg, darling, they say the 52nd is the most special!

    Say yes! Who cares if he's queer? Look at Liza's wedding. That worked out beautifully!

    Oh wait...

    They divorced?, the blueberry margarita sounds delicious.

  2. Hi MargOH! hows tricks? sorry not been in touch for a while, whilst you've been busy seducing this gay guy into marrying you, ive been going through a kind of divorce! Im back on the shelf MargOH! little old me all alone in the world. but im ready to step back out into reality now, find my self a rich man to take me jet setting or somthing. Do you have Tyson Beckfords number by any chance?

    xxx dan

  3. darlings,

    I've was the one seduced... lol

    Actually we haven;t even slept together boys...MargOH" can be an old fashioned gal...

    Dan its fine to be single, I enjoy it actually and I'm sure someone will buy you right off that shelf, you're a charmer Love.

    I don't have Tyson's number but I do Have Marcus Shakenburgh's, is that how you spell it? I'll have to call you over that.. don't like to divulge numbers on here... LOL, well maybe I could post Mindy Cohn's , she'll talk to anyone...

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