Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Danny Boy's coming

Hey Kids,

Very exciting news, this week I will be meeting one of my blogger friends Danny Boy.

This will be my first meeting in person of any blogger in the world that reads mine. I must say I'm excited but not quite sure what to wear. I know Danny is a gay so there is no need to be overly sexy... Though MargOH! has been able to convert a few of the gays for one night stands... And even sometimes 2 night stands, ya know the usuals , Peter Allen, Paul Williams, Charles Nelson Reilly, Rip Taylor, Neil Sedaka(Please he's a fag)but what a nice set a balls on him, Kevin Spacey (before he became anyone), Ann Heche (before Ellen, what a slut), Linda dano (in the 70's, we were stoned, she's actually straight), Luther Vandross (now that he's gone I can spill the beans, I think he banged Oprah too)... The list goes on and on...

I am just torn, should I be shabby chic or play a sophisticated suit...Should I shave my legs, well it is a special occasion... God what to do. I guess I'll run to "Forever 21" and get something way to young for me... I think I'll get something that matches a dirty martini...

I know Danny and Donnan won't care what I wear but it's always nice to shed a little glamour on the gays.

Any idea's Kids?

Kisses, MargOH!


  1. So exciting!!

    I think the classic words of Blanche Deveroux still hold true today. Don't wear anything but a "life jacket and a great big smile".

  2. Yes dear, LOL

    Blanche is very wise indeed, LOL

    Kisses, The Big M

    You must come to NY soon

  3. phoebe3:12 PM

    Hey MargOH! - I agree, I think it's all in the attitude, but hmm, if I had to pick an outfit I'm envying at the moment, I'd say it was this one from my 2nd favourite Bette -->

    Have a fun time with Danny - the danny boys all love you! xxx

  4. I would switch for you. Can't say that much today. Lance Bass is coming over to tell me a secret. I hope he finally has a girlfriend.

  5. Robert,

    How sweet of you , sexy thang... LOL

    Would you burn me with your cigarette too, yawza...

    Lance has been on the DL for some time now. I saw him a few years ago at a party at Calvin Kleins place and he had a few boys tugging on things that made wonder if he was batting for the winning team... I love my gays, though I think Carson Kressley should be tossed back to the straights...

    Kisses, MargOH!

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