Monday, July 10, 2006

MargOH! Immortalized

Hey Kids,

I have had so may wonderful things happen in my life, my marriage to Rodney, my being in over 1,700 films, taking over for Liza when she's on a bender, drinking Sake Hops in Hawaii... So many things.

This however is my most privileged moment.

MargOH! has been forever smacked on canvas and I never looked more gorgeous. You can almost smell my olive breath from my 7th dirty martini of the day. Not to mention that I am immortalized with my favorite performer and friend Nellie McKay.

I would love to thank Boosey Soho for doing this painting, It takes my breath way. I am truly honored.

She is a magician of the paint brush and is just wonderful to have done this!!

Boosey took her inspiration from my poem which I will paste in so the two can be put together.

I love ya Boosey and Cheers to you!!!

MargOH! and Nellie

Those two girls what a pair
In step walking side by side
Talking in a carefree tune
Thoughts dancing, smiling wide
People staring but they won't hide
Friends til the end
In step walking side by side

MargOH is a big boned gal
Most everyone looks twice
Covering up with L'Oreal
Sophisticated glamour is always nice
Working on an angle, independent and free
Stop staring; she's who she wants to be

Nellie is a young pioneer, ambitious, no fear
She has a vintage style and talent that's rare
She's no pageant gone bad
Her music makes you imagine a world both happy and sad
She sings for human and animal rights
Optimistic we'll win the fight
Standing tall, independent and free
Stop Staring; she's who she wants to be

MargOH and Nellie don't fit the mold
Two works of art bigger than life to behold
Don't ask don't tell
They're not ready to say
What business is it of yours anyway?
These two friends til the end
Working on an angle, independent and free
Stop staring; they're who they want to be

It's not a matter of sexual orientation
Small-minded people currently rule this nation
Just so that you're in the know
MargOH and Nellie are just friends on the go
Two friends til the end
Working on an angle, independent and free
Stop staring; they're who they want to be
They're who they want to be


  1. It was a pleasure MargOH! - yours Phoebe (a.k.a boosey soho) X

  2. The artwork is wonderful, I'm so glad you've been immortalized doll :)

  3. The power in that paint made me choke on my third Midori and lime... still it was a great excuse to mix a fourth and come back for more MargOH!

  4. Its all TOOO MUCH! Phoebe truly is a genious painter and im loving the hysteria i feel surrounding her latest masterpiece MargOH! and Nellie, its wonderful! Its great that all these truly wonderful people have come together, this is the power of truly great art, i just hope that through these virtual pages Phoebes talent shall be discovered and we shall all meet one day and share a bottle of champers whilst gazing at the painting on the wall of a museum in NewYork. Would be fantastic. Congratulations Phoebe,Nellie and MargOH!

    Dan xxxxxxx

  5. Hi All,

    Yes, I would love to see Phoebe's art in a NY Gallery.

    The strokes are amazing, colors, capturing emotions.. just fab.

    I would love to come do my show for all of you. That would be fun and hell one bottle of champers, more like 5...


    The Big M

  6. Anonymous5:31 AM

    Wow MargOH!! Phoebe has really captured you in the thrift store LP cover moment. I bet Jim Shaw can't wait to snap this one up! Susan xx

  7. It's a wonderful piece Susan....

    My just about crossed eyes letting everyone know I may have too much... LOL

    Jim Shaw, wow!!

    Kisses, margOH!