Monday, July 03, 2006

Back Home

Hey Kids,

Guess what, The board of my old building reconsidered my eviction after that little party we had for my sister Rita... So I am happy to say Berna and I packed up and left Robin Byrds pad yesterday. I want to thank Robin for her generosity and all of those calling cards to use her sex lines... It was a blast.

Glenda our super really went out on a limb for Berna and I and slept with the top male board member to ensure our living quarters. It was her that made disgusting sexual acts in the hallway the lead to our being evicted, that slut. I did tell her it best that she uses her body for bribes and favors rather than just plain sex.

Of course, Shirley Bassey was thrilled to have us back... She knows the booze is always a step away rather than having to walk to the package store...

Oh jeez, gotta go. I'm off to a waxing and a high colonic... I need to be flushed kids...

I'll be back with more updates of all the parties, The Star Jones one is ar least 2 pages and will take me some time to jot down,

Here's another pic of the show.

Enjoy kids,

Kisses, MargOH!


  1. Hi there MargOH! sounds like an eventfull weekend, good news about the appartment, its awfull staying at others houses, sometimes you just want the comfort of being able to fart when you please, and leave all the dirty martini glasses in the sink till the morning!
    Ive been working all weekend, pretty boring though Phoebe's party was a blast, i should really let her fill you in on all the deborched tales.
    Look forward to hearing more details of the party's

    Dan xxx
    P.S Great pics! really dramatic.

  2. Hi MargOH!, yes, the pictures are great, I especially like the 2nd one where you look like Kate Winslet in Titanic. Dan and I made our London stage debut on Saturday, singing with a blind organist with "all-seeing" hands. We dedicated "Cabaret" to you, old chum, it was a hit! We could only do it buoyed on by your inspiring spirit. Phoebe xX (p.s i should finish the painting this week for sure)

  3. Cheers Loves,

    Happy Birthday!!

    Its always best to play with a blind pianist then you can blame them for a bad performance.

    Kisses to my UK buddies...

    I can't wait to see myself on canvas... thought warhol wanted to do me I passes, he was a pain in the ass. I'm sure yours will be much better

    Big smooch

    Yes, the bubbles make for a titanic moment, LOL

  4. I love the photos! And enjoy getting your colon cleansed :)