Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Madonna Medley

Hey Kids,

I am happy to say that the old gal Madonna was just fab last night. I went with Sally Kirkland, big mistake... We couldn't get backstage...I swear I have to remember the next time that everyone is afraid of Sally. I'm not sure why, though she is a sturdy gal, she's sweet as pie.

I could have went with Kelly Osbourne but she cancelled last minute. She got her lip ring caught on a can of Budweiser and ripped her lip open... Poor thing.

Anyway, though I wasn't able to return Maddy's bracelet and ask her why she burnt down my 25 seat , cabaret, Bordello, escort service back in 2001... It's not my fault I didn't serve Pad Thai and it's not my fault Berna told her "We don't sell food here, just pussy". She is a diva and can get very testy about these things..

I was inspired however by Madonna's dancing, she's really keeping it up and being very acrobatic at her age, she must be taking pole dancing lessons too. Though half way through the show I started to wonder how I could bring some Madonna into my show and when she played a fast video montage of all her videos it hit me.. A Madonna Medley... How fun

I'm going to drag my director in on this one and we are going to a Madonna Medley, I can't wait, it will be grand.

Oh, yes, I scheduled my next shows September 14 and 22nd at 7PM at the D-Lounge at the Daryl Roth Theatre, very exciting. I may have my darling Nellie as a guest for one but have to nail down a confirmation on that... I'll keep you posted.

Kisses, MargOH!


  1. Oh oh margOH! You've announced your dates, and now I've got the old question... Virgin or British Airways?... running through my head. I'll have to see if there's an sofa free with my pals in Park Slope. Might have to send some paintings to Brooklyn this autumn anyway... why send it when you can add the personal touch? I had a Madonna party last year - it was FUN - Dan came as Madonna in the Cherish video, wearing a little black number, and was constantly throwing water over himself for that "fresh from the surf" look. I made a giant burning cross (a la Like a Prayer) for decoration, it was huge and alight with tissue paper flames... like I'd turned into Patty Simcox via Carrie... Oh that was a great night. Phoebs xxx

  2. Phoebe doll,

    It would be an honor for you to come see me. You would be a guest of Honor... Would you Bring the "MargOH and Nellie" piece.. I'd love to see it up close, LOL

    Also my minds been churning about performing at the bistroteque... Ya know doll I'm coming over for a visit to Sheffield in October. Berna and I had planned a jaunt to spain afterwards but I could always come to London and do a run, how grand would that be!!

    I love my Madonna, she's my Diva Muse.. The party sounds grand. I would love to see what dan looks like especially as madonna, LOL...
    I love all of your sense of having fun, it's very MargOH!

    mmmm i'm very excited and must have a bourbon to calm down... LOL


    The Big M

  3. Poor Kelly, these kids will only learn the hard way! why a gal with such a pretty face would want to put a load of nuts and bolts in it i have no idea?
    Madonna Medlay sounds amazing, you gals must be of a similar age arnt you? Im sure you shall be able to pull off those moves with equal flair plus that extra MargOH! edge.
    I too would like to come see the show, and too hope you bring the show on the road to London its so exciting. I might go scoff a pack of jaffa cakes as i cant find any god damn bourbons.

    Dan xxx

  4. Dan Love,

    Come now can you take a hint. I need a visual of your lovlieness...

    Well dan Madonna and I go back though I am a bit older than her she was like a beacon of light in my life, her energy, her power, her greed for the spotlight... all made me want to drink from the cup of Madonna... I did have a chance meeting with her when I was running my 25 seat cabaret , Boredello, Escort service in Bangkok but it all went horribly wrong or not the way I would have invisioned...but she was the one who gave me the sign to go back to the states and reclaim my career, the one I had lost over one night of unbridled passion with Neil Sedaka.... It was both happy and sad but I will meet her again one day and all will be right in the world...

    Now I need a sloe gin fizz to ease into my morning..

    Kisses, The Big M

  5. I might get Phoebe to do a painting of my lovliness for you!
    I think she has a talent for capturing people in the right light you know?
    I Shall ask her and get back to you.
    Im gonna have to make sure she doesnt get all light fingered with those Madonna picks, tho it probably was my finest moment the camera diddnt come out until the drinks had finished, and i have a feeling they finished cos i drank em all!


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