Tuesday, July 11, 2006

I Love me PIMMS

Hey Kids,

I had a blast playing tennis with Berna the other day, I had wimbledon fever, actually it is the one sport MargOH! is good at. I love smacking balls with a raquet, it's hot.

I also love that whenever we play Berna and I always bring a cooler w/spiggot filled with PIMMS and Sprite and of course we cut up some lemons and add a little mint to add some zest. I also dab my towel in it and pat myself, it also has a gorgeous scent.

It's so refreshing in between points and so very british...Its a sophisticated drink I feel. It makes me feel pretty. It also helps my serve. I don't know what it is but it makes the lines look bigger or something

Kids try some PIMMS, You'll love it


  1. phoebe2:55 PM

    MargOH!, I'd like to see you and Berna take on the Williams sisters in ladies doubles. You'd have to out-do them with the outfits first off... but I'm sure you'd rise to the challenge! You should look out for some retro tennis gear in those boutiques down in the lower east-side - maybe something 70's , with a disco feel... glitter sweatbands etc... xX

  2. I too love a little pimms MargOH! especially in the park when the sun is beating down on you and your sweating like a pig theres nothing more refreshing. We like to chop up some fresh fruit, strawberries, apple, pineapple, orange etc and dump it in, it adds to that summery feel, not to mention making it look pretty.
    Its 11.30 am the sun is shining, ive got a bit of a hangover but i might go meet Phoebes for lunch in the park with a bottle of pimms, ive been inspired!

    Dan xxxx

  3. hey Doll,

    Sounds marvelous...

    One of my dear friends is a brit and he showed me the art of a good PIMMS cock-tail.

    Sounds like a sangia PIMMS, your recipe... I'll have to try that.
    Have fun in the park you love..

    Kisses, MargOH!