Monday, July 17, 2006

Newport news

Hey Kids,

It was a fun weekend as Berna and I stomped up to Newport to meet with Billie Jean.

Oh, what a gorgeous weekend and Newport is grand. I was mixing with the tennis elite, like Gabby Sabatini, Pat Rafter, and Tony Trabert... Patrick is hot stuff, let me tell you and he even gave MargOH! a tip on her serve, how sweet. I really have a crush on that mate... It was hot but I was hotter. Unfortunatly it was Tony Trabert that was giving me attention, he's a lovely man but big as a house.. I don't mind a man of a certain age getting frisky and having a few extra pounds but when your fingers look like spicy sausage, its a little bit of a turn off...

Anyway I declined Billie Jeans offer to be the spokes model for her fitness center. She was offering peanuts... Well Elton John. She offered me a free concert with Sir Elton. I want a free concert with Mr. Washington in the form of a six figure deal. Elton John, really. I may have considered that when he was fabulous but not now, Lestat, Please....

I told Billie you could have Elton be her body double... then I thought you two should be opening a rib joint or fast food chain with those thighs, yikes..

Billie got pissed and threw her raquet at me in a fury but Gabriela stepped in and told Billie should could lose a few pounds, thanks gabby.

For some reason Berna and I were escorted off the grounds of the "Tennis Hall of fame". I guess you don't mess with Billie....

It was fine because Gabby and Patrick came out after us and they took us out to "The Black Pearl" for a pint and of course i had a extra dirty martini... Thanks Patrick and Gabby.. You are the best....

Kisses, MargOH!


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  2. Glad you are enjoying Newport, and Donnan and I are in NYC July 30 to Aug 3rd - are you around?

  3. Hey MargOH! sorry not been in touch for a while been very busy, though not too busy to catch what youve been up to. I think your best out of all this tennis malarky, i mean all those balls flying at you! i know sport is a good way to maintain your figure but if one of those balls gets you in the's far too dangerous. I rekon the pole dancing sounds much safer. Sure there are risks of other stuff flying at you, depends on how good at it you are i guess?

    Anyhow sounds like youve had an eventfull week, and good on you for turning down tickets to see that old bastard Elton, dont they realise your down with the kids?

    Dan xxx

  4. To Danny darling,

    Yes, i will be around for your trip to NY.. We must meet up for a night out. Let me know what works for you doll and we can figure it out.
    Are you doing a boys night out with bloggers as you do in other cities? Let me know...

    Can't wait to mix up some dirty martini's with you and donnan.

    Kisses, MargOH!

  5. To dan love,

    Yes it is a bit dangerous but I have been taking balls in my face for years now... I did a small role in the movie "Dodgeball" ouch..

    I know can you believe she wanted me to have a private with Elton, He's so 80's and barely 90's... Not to mention big as a house.What about the Scissor Sisters or Le Tigre, someone fresh , not musty...

    Billie Jean needs to get her fat ass to the gym. if i can stay slender at 58, she should be able to lose a few pounds.... well I'm an 18 but I know she's at least a 22...

    What have you been doing doll? Hows my Pheobe darling....

    Kisses, MargOH!

  6. Just workin, nothing exciting really, Alicia silverstone came into the gallery i work at yesterday though!
    Phoebes is well, she's been hiding away in her studio busy workin on her next masterpiece.
    You reminded me, i havent been to a good gig in ages, who's the best band youve seen MargOH! im sure youve seen em all?

    as for billy jean, she should really take those massive spectacles off before playing, she could end up looking like a car crash victim if she got hit in the face, well she already kinda has that look i guess!


  7. Hi MargOH! Forget the sports crowd (well Billie Jean anyhow) - stick with us artistic types... speaking of, my very glamorous friend Alicia Delicia of The Whoopee Club is going to see if she can get you a gig at somewhere where the martinis are as dirty as the minds of those who sip them. We thought the Bistrotheque ( could be right up your boulevard. (Alice has also been a liza lookalike- - but she just went blonde) Phoebe xxx

  8. Dan Love,

    I am hot for "The Streets" right now, though I know its a one man band... "I just know I'm fit"...

    For some reason lately I've been nostalgic and have had my "Air Supply" greatest hits on heavy rotation and "The Pure Prairie League" as well

    Th band I saw just recently was my friend Chris Rael and his "Church of Betty" they are just wonderful.

    I also love my Scissor Sisters, they are fab live. I did catch Mick and the boys... a bit sad, I thought I was watching a bunch of Shar Pei puppies running around. the stage.

    Honey, I'm off to see "The material gal" tonight at Madison Square garden. I'm going to try and get backstage and return her Kabaala bracelet, its a long story , mm maybe my next blog

  9. Phoebe,

    I know doll... It was that Dick Van patton that got me involved with that Billie Jean.

    I much prefer artists my darling.. they always inspire me to be a better person... sports people just make me sweat....

    Alicia is gorgeous and how wonderful for you all to be thinking of me whilst you perform and be fabulous... The cabaret looks wonderful and I can tell I would be welcome there... How grand it would be.. I would feel like Judy coming to "The Palladium" or Liza in "Liza's Back" at the Royal Albert hall(I was there by the way). it would be an honor and a drink worthy affair.

    I never met a dirty martini I didn't like nor a drty martini drinker..

    Kisses, MargOH!

    I'm off to get my manicure in preperation to see Madonna tonight... I hope she at least does "Express Yourself"

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