Thursday, February 08, 2007

Wishing you eternal Peace Mr. Chin

Hey Kids,

I'm a bit down in the bottle today after learning about the death of a friend.

His name was Andrew Chin and we met during one of my trips with Berna to Rhode Island. I've known him now since 1993... There were many trips after that to see Andrew...He had a fabulous quality!!

Andrew had a knack for throwing these fabulous dinner parties with bountiful foods(like a kings court). He would invite professors, artists, musicians, drunks and drag queens. These parties always guaranteed an interesting evening. People loved to attend and there were many heated and fun filled conversations at that dinner table. I loved it!!

He also had a flair for decorating, he could take antique or down right busted furniture and mix them with modern items and make it work.
I called it Stevie Nicks meets Queen Elizabeth..

Berna always uses Andrews technique's when we throw a party and everyone loves it. Big handmade napkin rings and goblets laced with scratched goldleaf. Dusty table runner's with a gorgoeus all worked.

There were also lovely get togethers on his front porch with bottles of wine flowing in the summer breeze.

He had an infectious laugh...he suffered from Asthma so it was a raspy laugh but one that made you join in...

He danced better than any gay I've ever known. I even named his dance "The Chin". It was an all out arm swinging dance with an 80's bounce...

Andrew was a great friend!

Like many frienships we drifted a bit but learning of his sudden death of a heart attack at 44 is just unbelievable.

It's when someone is gone all of their best qualities come to mind....

Isn't it funny how in our everyday lives it's the negatives that we can sometimes focus on in eachother...even the people we love or admire....

Andrew was a unique individual with many faults (as we all have) but as I sit here writing this I can only remember his perfection. The quality of his conversations and the tone of his soothing voice. I can say I will never forget the laughs we shared over the year's. Those were perfection..

I realize how fortunate I am to have known him and he lives in my mind now...

Wishing you eternal peace my friend

Cheers Andrew

Kisses, MargOH!


  1. Margo - I'm so sorry to hear this. It's always difficult to lose someone suddenly. My thoughts are with you and the rest of his "family."


  2. Thank Danny...

    I appreciate it and I know you have dealt with a lot of loss...

    You're a cutie!!

    Best wishes, M

  3. Lovely post, doll.