Thursday, February 22, 2007

Is anybody out there?

Hey Kids,

I need a little comments as of late so I thought I'd throw out a funny pick for ya!!

If I get three comments on this pic I'll down 3 bottle of champagne is 3 minutes without burping til I finish...

Kisses, M


  1. Anonymous5:27 AM

    Hi Margoh

    What do you think about poor Britney and her re-re-rehab? How would have thunk that K-Fed was the responsible one.

    And I'm also shocked at Berna's duplicity! What a weasal!

    Princess McCool

  2. Oh Princess,

    It's been too long...

    Well I got the inside scoop from Britney's mom that she is actually going to be starring in GI Jane II and is getting into character the hard way...

    I don't beileive if for a minute but it's all tragic and I hope Britney can get control of herself for the sake of all of us...

    Now I must down a bottle of Champers and I'll cheer to Britney!!

    Kisses, M

  3. Pixie Plains12:14 PM

    Please that sounds like your oral care routine, what kind of incentive is THAT???


  4. Pixie,

    I thought you were brought up on another morals charge and in the slammer.

    When'd you get out you wreck?

    Kisses, M

  5. phoebe4:28 PM

    Love this photo M, Britney shoulda been at your party. You could sort her out with a nice new barnett too. Crack open the champers MargOH! I'm the third here... xxx

  6. Awe Yeah...LOL

    I'm poppin out a bottle now...LOL

    It's been a long weekend and MargOH!'s thirsty...

    Thanks Phoebe..Kisses, M