Monday, February 12, 2007

MargOH! for President

Hey Kids,

I just got a call from porn star Jenna Jameson...mmmm She was talking to my sister Rita and they are thinking of starting their own political party.

It's called "The Porn Party"....mmmm how original. I guess they were having a few vodka gimlets over at Eddie Van Halen's. I guess Eddie told Jenna screw Hilary, you should run for President. This started a heated conversation about the "The Porn Party" and how they could build grass root support by gathering all the 80's heavy metal bands. They said they could do a concert to raise funds and followers.
They even picked the theme song Poison's "Talk dirty to me". Jenna thought that would get the Nascar vote.

Though Jenna voiced her opinion that it might be hard for a porn star of her caliber to get elected. She is a smart cookie and very talented in the bedroom but I'm not sure if she could wrangle with Bill Frist...on second thought I think she has, oooops..sorry to spill that.

Anyway Rita chimed in a said I know who can lead the "Porn Party" to victory. My sister MargOH!. She can spin shit into gold...she said. She's a born politician and she's slept with plenty of senator's.

At this point I hung up the phone. I haven't slept with a senator since 1977 and I won't say who but he is still serving.....yikes...he's an old geezer now. Ted...oops I did it again.

My sister Rita is crazy...Well, I mean I'm as pretty as Hilary and I do dress much better. I know Bill Clinton as well as she does and I do know "The pledge of Allegiance"....

I'll have to call Madeline Albright and see what she thinks. She is a smart gal and she'll tell me if I've got a shot.

I mean "Porn" has power especially in Washington. Don't forget my sister Rita starred in "Muff Divers 1-25" and in MD 1 she co-starred with lactating Lynne who we now know as Mrs. Lynne Cheney. She's got the nerve to write children's books.

MargOH! for President...start the buzz kids!!

Kisses, M

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