Friday, February 09, 2007

Glamorous Anna, You're so Outrageous

Hey Kids,

The past couple of days have just been rough...2007 has gotten off to a shaky start for MargOH!

Losing the "Jitterbug" tour, losing a dear friend and now my sassy and fabulous Anna.

Anna was a real trooper in my book and I adored her. She had a fabulous light inside that will never be shut off.

I know she could be a little rough around the edges but that's what was so fabulous. She was one in a million and lived like it.

I got to know Anna when she was on tour for her second Playboy cover and was touring through Bangkok. Her and The heff stopped in for some RR. Of course Anna and I ended up doing about 20 shooter's of upside down Kamikaze's.

We were both still on our feet so from that day on we were buddies. Hugh said we should keep in touch just in case one of us needed a liver transplant...LOL.

Anna also tried to get me a bit part in her movie "Skyscraper" but they weren't looking for my type...Your boobs had to be of a certain size for that casting agent..disgusting.

When I moved back to the states I met up with Anna again after one of her appearances on Stern. She said she wanted go somewhere low- key so I took her to a bar called McSwiggan's on 2nd ave. It's a dump and reeks of stale beer but we had a blast. The bartender didn't know how to make a kamikaze so Anna jumped behind the bar, the Vicky Lynn came out in her and she was oozing with Texas hospitality. She still drank me under the table....Now that's what America is all about Kids!!!!

That was the last time I saw Anna but i got a x-mas card every year and I sent her one.

She was a beauty and a lot of fun. She knew she was the brunt of jokes but was always kind and cordial to her fans.

I was and am a huge fan and will Miss the Zany Anna Nicole..

Wishing you eternal peace my dear...

Kisses, MargOH!


  1. MargOH! again im sorry, this is tragic, its occasions like this when you wish you had stayed in that bar with somone for just one more dirty drink or two!You just never know whats around the corner, i shall never ever leave a party early again, i shall live each day like its the last!
    I hope your not down


  2. The Hubby9:39 AM

    I love the video Berna made of you two trying to hold each other up after the visit to McSwiggans! Especially the part when Anna tells Berna that she thinks you need an intervention! I curse that cheap video editing machine of yours for chomping that footage!!!

    We need an upgrade...start making some cash, baby. Shake what Sully gave you and bring in the honour of Anna!!!