Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Kim Fung. Is she a Miracle Dog?

Hey Kids,

It's a very exciting day. Kim Fung, my pooch is 24 years old. She's been with me so long I sometimes forget about how old she actually is.

She has been a handful but I love her and she is a constant source of companionship. I saved that dog from the streets of Bangkok in 1983. She was just about the size of my hand at the time. I was doing a bit of shopping with Berna when I saw her wondering the streets. I scooped her up and put her in my handbag. I am sure someone would have made her into a stew if i hadn't grabbed her or maybe even a muff..who knows.

It is really a miracle she is still around since Berna has sat on her so many times but she's like a gumby. The vets are amazed at her flexibility. I think it's because I do at least one dance number with her every day. She can also handle her booze. She drinks every time I do at home. She loves Champers and a vodka and tonic.

Now don't get me wrong it's not all fun and games. Kim Fung is always trying to pick up the neighborhood dogs and she has a thing for Great Danes....mmmm just like Mama, she likes em big.

Its a joy to have a dog live for so long and I think Kim Fung is a miracle dog and I love her. She is the best!!

Happy Birthday Kim Fung