Thursday, January 11, 2007

Only in Miami

Hey Kids,

Mickey and I arrived in Miami....I love palm tree's....they make me horny.

I had the most fabulous breakfast burrito this morning, just divine!! I love the vibe down here, like everything is on Latin heat.

I guess the Latin heat has gotten to the seniors in Florida though. I was looking up the East Ridge retirement village for the show and found this disturbing article from 2006.

STDs Running Rampant In Retirement Community

Seniors are bringing sexy back. Maybe I should have sponsored "Trojans". I'll have to call that condom company and see what they think.

It is true my mother Sully has more sex at the "Fish mongers" retirement home than she's had in her whole life, they don't use the little blue pill up in Alaska, just lots of cod liver oil...its good for the mojo...

Anyway, Garcia is about to give me my rub down before our rehearsal. It was really smart that "Jitterbug" hired a bus driver/massage therapist for the trip. I wonder if he will do a happy ending.....I'll let you know but I say he's only 26 so I'm sure he'll be game.

We got a hotel suite since we'll be in Miami for about a week. We have to go to the airport later because Jan Rooney is coming to stay for the Miami leg. Jan's nice but she can be a bit Pesky...I'll make sue i fill her up with rum and cokes...she's much nicer when she's drunk..

I'll be back...

Kisses, MargOH!


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