Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Miss Piggy Replaces MargOH!

Hi Kids,

That's right!!!! I've been replaced by a pig..... Usually this would bother me
but since its the ultimate Pig Miss Piggy I'll let it slide.

I asked to be removed from the "Jitterbug" Tour though the rumor will be I was fired for having sex with Garcia the bus driver/Massage therapist...He did do happy endings, it's not my fault. I'll let you know about that asap.

We did have a great time in Miami and our JitterConga was fabulous...We sold almost 3, 000 "Jitterbugs"....yawza.

I did ask to be let go because of the goings on at my apartment, parties every night and Stoli is back from her stint at Betty ford but has already emptied out my Liquor cabinet. I will post about the big party this past weekend but I decided to take one more day in Miami to meet with Gloria Estefan for a sight seeing tour...how fun.

I was paid for my services thus far but it is far short of my six figure promise...so I need to get back to some serious extra work....I need to call Sally Field to see if she can get me something on that show she's on...love ya Sally, cry for me Sally.

Anyway , I'll let you know when I get back if my apartment is still there, god only knows what happened...Gary Busey was back in the mix and so was Brigitte Neilson...oH Crap!!!

Here's a pic of Kim fung and Piggy before we left the "Jitterbug Bus".

Mickey isn't sure how he's gonna dance with that pig, I said put her on his shoulder and swing her around!!!

Who Knows...

Kisses, MargOH!

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