Thursday, January 04, 2007

Ford Fever

hey Kids,

I've been so busy with the "Jitterbug Tour" rehearsals with Mickey and a last minute invite to the hottest ticket in the country. I've been swamped!!

Yes, I was sent a last minute invite to Gerry Fords funeral by Betty. I am one of "The Betty Ford Clinic's" longest running customers. If I need a little tune up i just go and they admit me right away. I don't even pay anymore....I guess they feel that I paid so much in the past from my recurring addiction to booze that I'm exempt now! What they fail to understand is that I just like to drink and have no plans on stopping. The clinic is more of a place to see old friends and play Chinese checkers. The last time I went I hung out with Tatum O'Neal and Margot Kidder. It was like the "Bad news Bears" meets "Superman". Hey I guess it was!!! LOL.

Any who, I sat right next to Joan Collins at the funeral(also a secret Betty Ford Clinic Devotee). Her hair was bigger than I have ever seen....well it was a wig. Joan is as Bald as an eagle. I told her that she had some lint in her hair and I tugged on it just to make sure, yep it was horsehair alright!

It was a who's who of Washington's finest and Nancy Reagan. Nancy of course was trying to steal the spotlight from poor Betty....with her woe is me sunglasses...I miss Ronnie attitude....I heard she was dating her pool boy...she was always such a slut.

I got to meet Nancy Pelosi which was fun. I swear she bares a striking resemblance to a woman who co-starred in "Muff divers" with my sister Rita. She swore she's never done films but looked very nervous when I mentioned it. I am sure she will do a great job and she was very kind!!!

It was a long day and that speech Bush gave made me slump over asleep on Joan's shoulder.

After it was all said and done I thought to myself...

I wonder when I die if people will see me in a different light?

I boarded the Jitterbug bus and went to pick up Mickey at the airport and we're off to Dollywood land. I'll keep you updated.

Kisses, MargOH!

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