Saturday, January 06, 2007

Its "Jitterbug" Mayhem

Hey Kids,

Sorry its been a bit but the "Jitterbug Bus" has been having a few problems. The Internet keeps crapping out, 2 flat tires and a busted water hose. This is all very "Priscilla Queen of the desert" without the nice view. We're in a truck stop outside of Pigeon Forge Tennessee. Even my Jitterbug Phone isn't working.

We did hit the first retirement home but I'm wondering if this marketing blitz for the "Jitterbug" phone is hitting the right venue's. These people can't even pee for themselves. They're expecting them to use a cell phone. One lady who was 98 asked me to call President Roosevelt for her... I just told her he was busy and snapped into our "Wake me up before you go go" number with Mickey. He was a little stiff but his jig soon caught up to mine. We got a standing O but didn't sell any phones.

Now all the bus's crazy. Our next stop is a retirement village, not a home so hopefully they'll be an under 90 set.

Oh, Mickey just farted...he keeps eating pork and beans. I think he thinks we're camping...or something. Okay Micks, I'll tell everyone you said hi...Mickey says hi to you all.

Okay gotta run, the mechanic thinks he's got the bus going...One good thing our bus driver is a hottie. His name is Garcia....very hot!!

I'll be back kids

Kisses, MargOH!


  1. phoebe12:43 PM

    Hi MargOH!, The thought of you and Mickey Rooney *camping* around America's retirement homes all in the name of the "Jitterbug" is just too much, this is brilliant, someone should film it... see if David Lynch is free? Kisses from rainy london, boosey.

  2. Hi Phoebe,

    Thanks doll, its crazy here...

    Thanks for posting and yes David Lynch should get a hold of my story. I think Sully alone is a case study for him...

    Kisses, M