Thursday, January 25, 2007

Cartoon MargOH!

Hey Kids,

I just landed a role as a naked mole rat in an upcoming animated feature...It's a small role but my first speaking part in almost 20 years...very exciting. I wonder if they will make this mole rat look anything like me...mmmm that would be impossible.

Anyway, I must say I think I've got the winter blues...I haven't felt much like writing lately.

I think its because I do miss Mickey and dancin to the "Jitterbug" song.

I have to remember not to sleep with every man I meet but its hard...

I love when bodies get all hot and steamy and naked and sweaty and lipstick smeared on a _____. Oh jeez I lost it there for a minute.

Cuchie please get me a cool beverage and my body mist....Berna get the hell out of the way, she's sleeping on the floor now even though I put another bed in Cuchie's quarters.

Stoli is at her girlfriend Rachets apartment...yes i found out Stoli found out at Betty Ford that she likes the ladies...I don't blame her, I too like a nice set of knockers in my face once in a while. It's harmless fun for a couple of gals to get naked and have a little fun. Have we learned nothing from Melissa Ethridge.

Anywho, one of my readers sent me a little animated pic of MargOH! It's cute but I didn't realize how much I look like Demi Moore...

I'll be back kids and hopefully the blues will float away soon!!

Kisses, MargOH!

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