Monday, January 29, 2007

Thin as a Pussycat

Hey Kids,

I want to be as thin as a Pussycat....doll that is. I'm a fat girl and that's a fact but I am so wanting to be thin in 2007. I have all these vintage Halston's hanging in my closet that I can't get on anymore...without a shoe horn and some fish oil. Not the best smelling vintage.

I know its tuff so I have Cuchie preparing me only vegetables and green tea for 2 meals and 3 martini's at night with hoodia in it. I also took out the 5 olives I usually have in them. That's a start kids...Dontcha think?

I have moved up to the new pad and already have plans for an apartment warming party. I decided to take a small trip to get away and let Cuchie set everything up this weekend. Kim Fung and I are headed for a ski jaunt in Vermont with my new neighbor Linda Hunt. I was a bit shocked when Linda asked me but I said..What the hell! So I am off on Thursday!!

I'll be back kids!!




  1. phoebe3:11 PM

    i have a beutiful mental picture of you and linda hunt on the slopes, MargOH!
    Hope you are feeling less of the winter blues... how these things affect us artistic types! I got over mine by being a boozehound all weekend. Went dancing at duckie- - which is SO where we've got to take you in London, Big M. Love Phoebs X

  2. Hi Phoebe,

    Yes, the vail of February has set upon me....Hopefully Linda will help me out of it. She is a master skier. I guess its because she is so low to the ground...

    duckie sounds fabulous...can't wait!!