Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Who is My Ex Husband?

Hey Kids,

I've been getting a lot of emails asking who in the hell my ex husband RAR is.

Rodney was a huge Child star in the 70's. His face was plastered all over the world for years as the "Jack in the Box" spokesperson.

It led to roles in movies and on television. He had a recurring role on "The Six Million Dollar man". This is where we met(I played Fembot # 6 and was Key Grip as well) and Rodney was so cute, you just wanted to Squeeze him.

We grew so fond of eachother that his parents gave me the honor of guardianship while they went back to Kansas.

I was doing so many extra roles that we really didn't see eachother that much. Rodney was jet setting all over pushing burgers and I sometimes by his side. Rodney was a ticket into the best parties and all the perks that went along with it. He was a hot property. When he was 16 his career cooled a bit but our love grew and we were eventually married.

I know what your thinking but it was kind of a reverse of the Anna Nicole and the old man saga. It was sexless!!!! until he turned 18 and then all hell broke loose. We were like freaks without warning, very hot....

Like most relationships though my career kept getting bigger but Rodney's had stalled with the loss of his youth and we drifted apart. I into the arms of another man and he into the bottle of vodka.

I eventually asked for a divorce and a hefty alimony check due to the heartache.

Rodney sometimes will deny our love and says I was a "Gold Digger" but he knows that we were once soulmates.

Rodney is now starting to rejuvinate his career. He had a radio show in LA and had a part in "Dickie Roberts".

I can't go on... talking about Rodney is just too hard...

Berna mix me up a Cosmo baby. Did Rodney's alimony check come yet?

Kisses, Kids


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