Monday, March 06, 2006

Kids I'm coming home

Hey Kids,

I have not been able to update you on my Rehab stay because the other night one of my docs saw me on the Tanqueray website. He took my laptop away for the remainder of my stay. I was just looking at the pretty bottles. It wasn't like I was ordering a case of Gin.

Berna and I made it home just in time for Oscar. Shirley Bassey was having a soiree so we popped over there for some Champagne and shrimp cocktail. I had a first good day, the party was sponsored by Geritol and Bombay Sapphire. The Gin was free flowing but I stuck to the Champers and everything was fine.

I know you all have been worried and I thank you all for your email and kind words.
You must know by now being my fan is somewhat of a challenge but stick with me kids.
I'll never let you down.

There was one email that came from a girl named Destiny, she said

Dear MargOH!, I hope that your time in rehab will make you a stronger and more stable person. Drinking is not the answer to your problems. If you focus on love and God, not Gin, your life will turn around

Your fan,


Thank you Destiny for your kind words but all I can say is "Do you know me at all" and "Go Fuck yourself". I am more than stable. I am the most decorated Extra in the history of motion pictures and television. I am not a drunk, I just like to drink!!
It's just that my chemical reaction to GIN makes me crazy but I can handle any other liquor I want.

If you want to preach to someone than maybe you should go to Ce Ce Winan's website and talk about Godly things. I don't like to be mean to my fans but I try and keep God out of my affairs. I am sure he will have enough to say when I check out in 100 years or so.

I got an idea from Robert Altman last night about his heart transplant. I think I'll give that a try in 10 years so I can live a bit longer... If I can get the heart of a 20 year old MargOH! could go well into the millennium, maybe like 2080. How exciting!!!!

Kisses, Kids

I'll be back with more updates and pics of my Gin soaked romp


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