Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Fresh Fruit Can sometimes be Rotten

Hey Kids,

Now you know that I would rather walk on my lips than to say something bad about someone but sometimes a girl can't help it.

As you all know I am currently in rehearsal for my variety hour coming up in June. I am dusting off my vocal cords and ready to belt one out or at least croak, I'm happy with croak, anyway...

I had decided in February that I was also going to submit the same said show to a festival I ran across called "Fresh Fruit Festival". It sounded like a good idea and you know how I love my fresh fruit cocktails, like mango margarita's, strawberry Mojito's and Apple martini's. It sounded like a match made in MargOH! heaven.

I had Berna throw together a fabulous submission packet that included a DVD of my TV show. It was the Christmas episode with my darling Nellie Mckay. I was a bit skeptical that they wanted 35 bucks for a processing fee but I just used Berna's allowance for that week, no big whoop!!! We sent it off and had no reason to think I would not be lighting up the fresh Fruit boards in July.

flash forward to this past Saturday when I received a very small envelope from the festival. I opened it and to my utter surprise I had been rejected..... Can you believe that I MargOH! Channing had been rejected by the "Fruities" (this is what they call themselves). I guess it has some meaning to them.

Now being the most decorated extra in the history of motion pictures I don't get bogged down by these things. It is an oversight on their part and they(whoever they are) obviously don't have any vision. Though I have been around for more than 40 years MargOH! is still as " Fresh" as a daisy....in the morning dew.

The "Fruities" probably don't understand that MargOH! has a posse of kids that flock to any live performance that she does... or that I had recently performed for Royalty. They probably didn't realize that I pass out champagne at all my performances to create that MargOH! glow...

I just don't think they realized but as an old dear friend Laquita Peron once said to me...

If they don't like it "Fuck em"......."Crash and burn bitches"

See you at the party Kids



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