Thursday, March 23, 2006

Life is a Cabaret for MargOH!

Hi Kids,

I have booked a venue for my show and I am just thrilled. It has been a long and winding road back to the stage for MargOH! I was happy to take the reins on my own cabaret for years in Bangkok but I always longed to be back up there under the hot lights. Well I did do an occasional number when there were issues. Like the time when the Olsen twins were scheduled to do their show but they broke into the liquor cabinet and downed a bottle of mad dog. They tore up my dressing room and vomited all over my hand made Thai mules. I slapped those 2 sad bitches and vowed they would never work in my town again.

I also told their mother that I had given their father full access to my girls..... that led to a messy feud in a rickshaw on the way to the airport. Well that's enough about them.

This post is about me!!!

The show will be June 21st at 7PM at " The Duplex Cabaret". It is a lovely venue that will make my show just fab. I am very excited to be able to perform on the same stage as some of the greats like Joan Rivers, Mickey Rooney, Charles nelson Reilly, yes I said Charles Nelson Reilly so bite it, I love him!!!

It will be a grand affair with the highlight being my NY singing debut.

Oh dear, I must run. I am on my way to a shoot for an upcoming video for Barry Manilow's 50's album. I am playing Doo-Wop girl # 13. It'll be a blast

Kisses, MargOH!

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