Wednesday, April 05, 2006

You're a Wonder Wonder Woman

Hey Kids,

You are never gonna believe this one...

Berna had picked up the First Season of Wonder Woman on DVD and kept bothering me that I had to watch it. I kept saying, why, why, why do I have to watch it. It is a bit dated and tired don't you think? I asked..

Well last weekend after my wild night with Adrienne I stumbled in at about 4am and I was still a bit thirsty so I popped open a Magnum of Champers and decided to give old Lynda Carter a try. I woke Berna up and told her to come watch it with me and she got very excited.

The show started and I was somewhat enjoying it... It is very campy. Then about a quarter through the pilot episode I spotted something strange... a large breasted woman that looked a lot like myself in my younger days... I got up and presses my eyes to the screen and to my surprise it was me. I had absolutely no recollection of ever being on the show but there I was playing an Amazonian Guard.

I sat back down to collect my thoughts and then it all started rushing back to me. Lyle and Lynda, Cloris and that strange little man in it.... I had been sniffing a lot of Glue at that time, i thought it better than cocaine.

Berna had this look of interest on her face and started probing for answers. I started to remember the costume fitting when Lyle Waggoner came in and had the seamstress leave and he cupped my breasts. Then he said he would get me a line if I let him bang me... I of course said yes and he took me over Cloris Leachmans Harp... She played that damn thing in a few scenes and kept asking what that bleach smell was? Little did she know it was Lyle's man juice... he was a big shooter...

God, it was one of those moments I think I actually regret... I never got a line, that bastard... Now I know why I could never bring myself to watch "The Carol Burnett Show".

I was gorgeous though and I still am. They were lucky to have me on that show...

Berna get me Lyle Waggoner's number . I got a bone to pick with him..

Kisses Kids


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