Monday, April 17, 2006

Sandy and Me

Hey Kids,

I had a blast this weekend. It was a fun filled extravaganza.

Friday night I was making my first Mojito's for the season. I picked up 30 bottles of Rum from the Duty free in Puerto Rico. My arms are still killing me, yikes. Anyway they were great. Darlings take some limes, mint and soda water smash it all in the bottom of the glass. Add Rum and some liquid sugar and top off with ice and more soda water. You will be refreshed beyond belief and buzzed out of your mind,mmm.

Saturday was just as good. I went to see Ms. Sandra Bernhard in her new off-Broadway Production called "Everything Bad and beautiful". The show was just the tops. Sandra is one of the few women that can make me laugh out loud. She is at once topical, political and satirical. This combined with her smoky, rich but not perfect voice makes for a joy filled evening.

Sandra opened the show with Christina aguilera's "beautiful" and right away she set the mood. The laughter started right from the first note and didn't end until she left the stage through the audience. She riffed on her life and for the first time talked about her private life a bit.. Saying "I usually don't talk about my personal life, because frankly I don't know you and I certainly don't trust you". What a hoot!

She also ripped the Bush family but really took some not so wholesome stabs at Laura Bush, perfect.

Sandra's remarkable wit is perfect when tackling political issues and she took no prisoners when she said. "I support out Troops so that's why I want them the fuck home". She held up a Support our troops ribbon made of plastic with the American flag on it, it's one of those magnet things for your car. She held it up and said I got one of these on every surface I can fit it and then looked at it and said "MMM, Made in China"...

This was a great show and Sandra delivered even though she had bronchitis. It was obvious because her singing was a little strained but I never expect perfection in her voice. It is a unique voice that booms with a rock edge so it was just fine to me. She also did a complete on stage costume change. She went right down to her bra and panties. She is 53 years old and has a great body, atta girl.

If you are in New York go see Sandra at the Darryl Roth Theatre. It is a beautifully bad ass show. I love ya Sandy.

After the show Berna and I rushed off to see Sandy and she was very under the weather so I popped out my flask of Apricot Brandy and poured my girl some on the rocks. She took a sip and said "Maggie, this is like jet fuel, how do you drink this shit". I replied with laughter and said "Honey if you drink this you will sleep like a baby". She took the glass back and slammed the rest down. "Thanks Maggie, you rock", she said and slapped me in the face lightly and then a big hug. We chatted about when we worked together On "Hudson hawk". I need not tell you her opinion on that movie... it was a bit of a bomb. Anyway sandy got dressed quickly and made apologies for rushing off but she scheduled a lunch for us at "Sarge's" deli for some kosher Corned beef. That's hot.....

Kisses, Kids

The Big M

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