Thursday, April 06, 2006

A Little Rest

Hey Kids,

I have been so busy lately doing part after part that it is wonderful to be going on a jaunt.

GG, who is part of my cast for "The MargOH! Channing Show", she is my shot girl, is having a soiree in Puerto Rico before her nuptials. Berna and I are headed down today and won't be back until Tuesday.

It has been a busy few weeks and not all pleasant. I have been shooting the film starring Drew Barrymore and Hugh Grant called "Music & Lyrics by". That has been a blast and Drew even though she takes about 100 takes a scene is a real pro and comes and chats with the extra's. I of course know Drew since Rodney had coached her mother on breaking into the Biz. Drew was always running around our house and trying to open all the Gin bottles, Kids....

I wrapped that shoot and headed over to do some stand in work for Pat Benatar's new video. Those jobs are so easy, you just move about the set while they test lighting and such. Though I must say I didn't care for leather pants Pat had me wear....a bit musty

Then as I already mentioned I was in Barry Manilow's new video. This was not a good time. Barry is a bit menacing in his old age and very cheap. When I arrived I was told that Barry would only pay me scale. I haven't worked for scale in over 30 years. I went over to Barry's people and said I am MargOH! Channing and if you want this doo-wop girl to do the watusi you better cough up my fee of 2 grand.

Barry got wind of this and went on a tirade. He starting dusting his piano with pledge and mumbling about all the money he has to pay for these shoots. He also started to curse about how Bette Midler pays scale.

I stuck to my guns and said if you want me to wear that poodle skirt I better see some duckets or I am out of here. Barry chatted with his co-horts and they agreed to pay me the 2 grand as long as I didn't tell the extra's about it or talk about his latest botched plastic surgery. I had been asking around why Barry looked like his wax works figure at Madame Toussaud's, the one that melted. His people got a little miffed and said he had a laser treatment gone bad and for me to shut the hell up.

We got down to business and I did a quick "Watusi" and then a "Mashed Potato" and we even did " The Madison". I love that one. Barry just huffed off stage after the shoot and was not very pleasant.... Too bad. i ran over and took a knip of stoli out of my purse and said "Barry Babe, have a drink on me kid". He replied "Thanks MargOH! but I am not sure if my new caps will come undone".

All in a weeks work for MargOH! The life of an extra can be rewarding or down right dreadful so this is why I say...

Champagne is for Every Day, not just New Years Eve.

Kisses, Kids

I won't be posting until next week. I hope you will not be too sad....


  1. Wow! sounds like a wild time! You go girl

    Let us know when and where we can see you in the videos. That will be fun!

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