Monday, April 24, 2006

Singing for Supper in a Thong

Hey Kids,

I've been practicing my singing and frankly it stinks.

I was planning on Singing "Ladies who Lunch" from the musical company. I was having a little trouble so I decided to call Elaine Stritch who originally sang it. Whe I told her she flipped out, she was yelling so loud her dentures fell out. She said "If you fucking sing one not of my song I will come and rip your tits off". Thats when her dentures fell out and I hears something like sloppy seconds of=r soupy sales so I just hung up.

These old bitches can get so touchy. I think in Elaine's case its because she is sober. When she was drinking she was a fun old gal and would have loved it...

Usually i would say fuck her and sing it but Elaine is connected and can probably find someone to rip my tits off

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