Tuesday, April 11, 2006

MargOH!'s Back

Hey Kids,

I just got back, well not just back, I got back last night.

Puerto Rico was well lets just say nice. The bell boy at my hotel was the high point of a trip for me. What is the point of going to an island and not exploring everything it has got to offer including hot Latin men.... mmmm

Berna even got some action from the pool boy. She has lost 80 ponds already and was hot to trot.

The weather was just lovely and so were the Pina Colada's. I must have had about 10 a day. Thank god I got my check from Barry's people right before we left or I may have been hitting up GG for some libations. She is always good for carrying around a flask. She is my shot girl afterall.

I must say the food in Puerto Rico is very good including the Mofongo, it is mashed plantain, yummy. I am a bit Gouty though and that is not good for my upcoming show.

I have planned some dance rehearsals this week but may have to push them on a week because I can't slip on my Jazz shoe's. Damn good living and damn the gout.

I also have a photo shoot for the promo's for the show. We have to make sure we get some Homo's filling the place. The show is during pride week....

You know how I love the Gay's. Though I was a bit discouraged that GLAAD looked over my show again. I realize I am not on a network but I think I give off a good gay image. More than that Carson Kressley could dream of, he needs to wear much more make-up....

Oh, Well what is a middle aged gal to do...

Kisses, Kids


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