Monday, April 24, 2006

Singing for my supper in a Thong

Hey Kids,

I have been practicing my singing and I must say it stinks...

I was going to sing "Ladies who Lunch" from the musical "Company" and it was going okay... I decided to call Elaine Stritch who originally sang the song for some pointers. She completely flipped out, her dentures even fell out of her mouth she was screaming so loud. Now she is threating to kill and Sue me or Sue and then Kill me. She is nuts!!!

She said that I couldn't croak out a note of that song if she had anything to do with it. She declared "That is my Fucking song MargOH! and I'll fucking rip your tits off if I even get wind that you did it in spoken word" Thats when her teeth fell out and I heard something that sounded like sloppy seconds or soupy sales so I just hung up. God, these old bitches are so touchy. I think it's because she's sober. The Elaine I knew when she was drinking was a gay old gal and I never would have thought she would react like that, mmmm.

Listen, usually I would say fuck her and just sing it but she is connected. I think she can actullay get someone to rip my tits off... She's all wrapped up in the High Society of Manhanttan, very scarey.

I have decided to sing "Someone's been sending me flowers". The version I love is by Blossom Dearie so I called Blossom and she said go for it Kid. I love my Blossom and at least she is still drinking.... She reccommended that I wear a Thong to help me hit those high notes.... Berna bring me my Thong!!!!

I'll keep you updated....

Kisses, MargoH!

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